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AA car breakdown cover helps to keeps your show on the road. Find out exactly what breakdown cover is and how the AA can help you.


Sometimes you think a journey's going smoothly until... it isn't.

If you’ve got Roadside Assistance with the AA, we’re here 24 hours a day to help you out of a tight spot.

Just let us know by giving us a ring, or using our app, and we’ll text to let you know when we’ll be there.

If you’re by yourself and a bit scared, we’ll come out to you first.

When your knight in yellow armour arrives, they’ll always check you’re OK before they check the car, offering you stuff like power for your phone, some blankets if you’re chilly and a reassuring smile.

We can fix 8 out of 10 cars on the side of the road with a quick peek under the bonnet and a bit of magic that’ll normally have you on your way in half an hour.

If we can’t sort things out there and then, we’ll take you to a place where someone can have a closer look.

That’ll normally be a local garage, but if you add ‘National Recovery’ to your policy, we’ll take you anywhere you and up to seven other folk would like to go.

Yep. The beach if you fancy, or the circus, or the moon? Maybe not the moon but you get the picture.

If you add ‘Onward Travel’ we can hire you a car, find you somewhere to stay or sort you out for public transport, after all we’ve got to keep your show on the road haven’t we?

And finally, adding ‘At Home’ means we’ll come out to you if you’re one of the lucky few that starts the day on a flat battery.

However you want to play it, you can add extras to your breakdown cover to build a package that suits you. Nifty eh?

Oh, and no matter how many times a year you need us, we’ll never leave you stranded. (Excludes basic breakdown and repeat call outs for the same fault).

Being with us gives you a whole bunch of benefits all around the UK just for members, which means you could end up saving a few bob.

No wonder we get more people back on the road than anyone else.

The AA. Because anything can happen.

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